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Live at Mumbai

MegaPixels Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. presents a unique live entertainment show; showcasing an unprecedented amalgamation of Dance, music and stage production, Mehfil-e Umraojaan. Instantaneous and widespread promotions was an integral part of our production plan. These strategies integrated both traditional methods as well as digital media to quickly and surely reach out to the art loving populace.
“Mehfil-e-Umraojaan” is an Audio-Visual extravaganza inspired by the grace in traditional Indian dances induced with the Big Screen dramatics of Bollywood. With its opulent settings, dazzling costumes, and a soaring score including the songs like “Chalte Chalte”, “Mohe Rang Do” and “Aami Je Tomar”; Mehfil-e-Umraojaan is the spectacular new musical dawning a new age of Indian live theater. The show is slated to be performed at multiple locations around India as well as across the globe debuted with a grand opening at Mumbai. The inaugural show blending Indian culture, art & music was held at the Mahakavi Kalidas Natyamandir at Mulund (W), Mumbai. The first schedule for the performances from 28th February 2018 to 01nd March 2018 was a blockbuster with more than 2600 People in attendance.

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